Addition to the Workshop Workbench

I love my workbench.  It is very solid, has plenty of room, and good storage underneath.  The only thing I disliked about it was the fact that it had two cheesy front vises, one on each end.  What I had surmised, after working many projects on this bench, was that it really needed an end vise.  Further, this end vise couldn’t be some narrow cheesy thing like the front vises, it had to be the full depth of the bench, be able to hold bench dogs all along its jaw, and have enough depth that it could safely grip a large piece of furniture.

The Veritas Twin Screw vise fit the bill perfectly and I managed to acquire one about two years ago.  Unfortunately, with its large size, my previous workshops really didn’t have enough clearance to add this vise without downsizing the vise in some way.  That seemed to defeat the purpose of the vise so I had to bide my time and keep the vise in storage until I had both the room and the time to install it.

My new workshop definitely has the room, but it took a final ‘inspiration’ to get around to installing this vise – I needed a front vise for the workbench at the Little House in the Village.  So… I stole the left one from this workbench, leaving open the space to add the full depth vise.

The result?  Voila!

Click to view larger image.

Full depth twin screw end vise! This is 33 inches wide, 7 inches deep, and opens a full 12 inches! Very nice!

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