CNC Router, First Trial Run!

I’ve been busy getting the CNC Router assembled, aligned, powered, and controlled via software.  After MUCH learning, I was able to have my first trial run today!

Using CNC code that produces a 2D ‘sketch’ of the RoadRunner, the Router was run through its paces.  I ran the first couple runs ‘dry’, that is, the router bit wasn’t spinning and I just made sure the trajectory seemed correct.  Good thing, too, as I had a few loose items become ‘looser’ as the machine literally ground its way around the pattern.  But I was able to tighten things up, and, while still ‘temporary’ and needing some tuning, overall I was impressed with the results.  They were promising enough that I think I’ll try some 3D models next before I buckle down and fine tune the unit!

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