The Little House in the Village Kitchen Cabinets Are DONE!


Finally, after much planning, work, and scheduling (not to mention diversions that had nothing to do with the LHV!), the Kitchen Cabinets are done* and we have a usable kitchen that we enjoy!

Here is what we started with!

Here is the original kitchen.

Here is the original kitchen.

And here are a few ‘glimpses’ of the finished product:

In case you’re wondering about the two cabinets that don’t have doors, the corner cabinet was built in place so the door was assumed to be custom fitted.  The doors for the cabinet over the dishwasher were, uh, ‘overlooked’ in the fab sequence.  These two cabs will have doors added next ‘visit’ to LHV…



[*] In this case, ‘Done’ means that we won’t need to haul 1000 lbs of material and tools to the LHV to finish it!


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