Terrain Map Box Birthday Present

Refining my CNC carving skills I realized I could try carving terrain maps on Corian.  I saw something similar added on to a wooden box and decided this would make a great birthday present for a friend of mine.  So, after capturing a terrain map of Penobscot Bay from Terrain2STL, I carved the terrain into a piece of Corian and, to hold/frame it, I designed a box made out of Ambrosia Maple with a Mahogany liner.

The map covers most of Penobscot Bay, from Owl’s Head to the mouth of the Penobscot river at Sandy Point, with Camden on the West side, Castine on the East.  You can easily make out Belfast, Camden, and Rockport Harbors, Lincolnville Beach,  Vinalhaven & North Haven, Islesboro, and Castine as well as the coastline around Searport.

Click to view larger photo.

Corner view of box with carved terrain map.

Click to view larger photo.

Opposite corner of box with terrain map.

Click to view larger photo.

View showing interior of box with Mahogany lining.

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Top view of terrain carving of Penobscot Bay on Corian.

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