Clare’s Bed

For Clare’s graduation from College, I gave her this bed that I made.  I had told Clare that I would make her anything she wanted for her graduation gift and she selected this bed from a Thos Moser design.  Fortunately for me, she made her choice in the summer prior to her graduation.  It took me a while to make this bed.

Clares Bed

[img src=]1430Finished Bed! Ready to deliver to Clare.
[img src=]1030Here is the original in the ThosMoser showroom in Freeport, Maine
Thankfully, Clare let me know a year in advance that she wanted this as her Graduation present.
[img src=]680View of the original headboard.
[img src=]530Detail view of the original headboard.
[img src=]460Detail view of the original headboard.
[img src=]430Detail view of the original headboard.
[img src=]410Detail view of the original Footboard.
[img src=]420Detail view of the original Footboard.
[img src=]380View of Clare's Headboard
[img src=]330View of Clare's Footboard
[img src=]350Detail of Clare's Headboard.
[img src=]340Another viewpoint.
[img src=]340Footboard perspective.
Note the custom bolt hole covers.
[img src=]320Footboard
[img src=]340Closeup of the footpost.
[img src=]400Closeup of the bolt hole cover.
[img src=]340Congratulations, Clare!
[img src=]280Started out with a big collection of Cherry!
[img src=]250And a massive hunk of 12/4 material for the bed posts.
[img src=]220Big hunk reduced to manageable posts with my previous bandsaw.
[img src=]220The pieces were left in the family room to keep stable.
[img src=]330Here I am, cutting one of the 50 or so mortises required for this project.
[img src=]300Posts and struts ready for assembly
[img src=]300Jig to cut the bed rail tenons.
[img src=]270Finished rails.
[img src=]300Dry fit footboard.
[img src=]310Dry fit Headboard and footboard, everything's ready for finishing.
[img src=]270Making the bolt hole covers was interesting.
I used drawer pulls with the Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie pattern, cut off the threaded bushing, and had to fabricate miniframes for each one. This is the jig I used to make the miniframes.
[img src=]290Ready to route out the square hole for the pull faces.
[img src=]250Here is what the strip looked like after routing some of the pieces.
The pieces were done as one strip. Partly to make sure the wood matched in color and grain, but also it was easier to hold the larger piece and then slice the individual frames after machining.
[img src=]260The miniframes prior to sanding.
[img src=]240The bolt hole cover assembly.
The drawer pull bushing was pushed through the miniframe and into a hole in a nylon hole plug. The pieces were held together with epoxy and the hole plug retains the assembly in the bolt hole counterbore.
[img src=]260Finished product.
[img src=]260Another view.

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