Pencil Post Bed

I made this bed as part of a woodworking class held in Hertford, NC.  The school, Ben Hobb’s Fine Woodworking, holds a variety of classes for those who want to extend their skills (you do need some woodworking proficiency), and you come away with a piece of furniture whose quality is entirely up to you.

I thought it was about time to replace our 24 year old metal frame bed and wanted to make something I would be proud of.  I’m glad I did.  This bed, predominately made with Mahogany, not only looks good, but is solid and, as anyone who’s done fine woodwork knows, has that warm luscious feeling – something I can touch every evening when I go to bed.

The mahogany was dyed with a water based aniline dye and then covered with multiple coats of Danish Oil, each coat rubbed in and polished, with a final coat of paste wax to protect it.

I learned to use all sorts of hand tools in this school so, with both the bed and the new skills, it was quite a bargain!


[img src=]1060Overall view of the bed.
[img src=]850Here we are at school.
Only two other students were there and they were husband and wife, building one bed for themselves.
[img src=]660Here is my bed being dry fit next to the Instructor's.
I'm pretty pleased that there's no apparent difference between them!
[img src=]580The pieces, after dying, waiting to dry.
[img src=]520The post was one piece octagonal taper meeting the main part of the post with a "Lamb's Tongue" transition.
[img src=]470We turned our own finial's.
This is the first time I've ever done turning and was very pleased that all four finials actually matched!
[img src=]420Detail showing the headboard joining the post.
[img src=]390I love the WIDE Mahogany planks!
Had to flatten this with hand planes, it was too wide for the thickness plane!
[img src=]370Another view of the headboard.
[img src=]380



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  1. I took a class with Ben too, he’s great isn’t he. Your bed looks awesome, you should be proud.

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