Dinette Table

With our new kitchen in Chapel Hill, we needed a new table to fit within the space.  I had seen this table design at Thos Moser and loved the delicate curves of the legs.  This table had not only the style and size I was looking for, but also was a nice ‘challenge’ to extend my woodworking skills…


[img src=https://tomstudwell.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/dinettetable/thumbs/thumbs_img_3367.jpg]610Overall view of the completed table.
This was taken before the Cherry deepened to its characteristic rich color. Still looks pretty good though...
[img src=https://tomstudwell.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/dinettetable/thumbs/thumbs_img_3144.jpg]490First came the full scale drawings.
I used Autocad to make the 2D drawings and then pieced together 8 1/2x11 sheets to make the full scale drawing. Note how each curved section shows how the overall piece will be fabricated from straight sections of wood.
[img src=https://tomstudwell.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/dinettetable/thumbs/thumbs_img_3147.jpg]380The drawing was glued onto a large sheet of plywood and the template form was cut from that.
Note the toggle clamps. These are used to hold the four leg sections onto the template for routing the leg profile.
[img src=https://tomstudwell.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/dinettetable/thumbs/thumbs_img_3148.jpg]330Another view of the template.
[img src=https://tomstudwell.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/dinettetable/thumbs/thumbs_img_2254.jpg]340These two boards were purchased for another project, but couldn't be used on that project..
They were sent to me with the claim that they were 'identical'. Uh huh. I don't think so. I used the one on the left to make all the leg pieces for this project.
[img src=https://tomstudwell.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/dinettetable/thumbs/thumbs_img_3149.jpg]340Here are all the leg pieces.
Despite their haphazard appearance, every one is marked to match with very specific pieces.
[img src=https://tomstudwell.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/dinettetable/thumbs/thumbs_img_3153.jpg]330Here is the setup for assembling the legs.
Alignment was critical!
[img src=https://tomstudwell.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/dinettetable/thumbs/thumbs_img_3155.jpg]330Another view of the assembly setup.
[img src=https://tomstudwell.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/dinettetable/thumbs/thumbs_img_3152.jpg]320Here is the view of the crotch of the legs.
Note the splines to strengthen the curved joints.
[img src=https://tomstudwell.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/dinettetable/thumbs/thumbs_img_3196.jpg]320Assembled and finished!
[img src=https://tomstudwell.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/dinettetable/thumbs/thumbs_img_3198.jpg]310Showing off the grain matching.
Since all the pieces came from a single piece of wood, the grain could be matched in several directions. Each leg matches its opposite leg and each joint matches the joining piece (as close as possible).
[img src=https://tomstudwell.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/dinettetable/thumbs/thumbs_img_3199.jpg]280Another view...
[img src=https://tomstudwell.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/dinettetable/thumbs/thumbs_img_3191.jpg]250Another view...
[img src=https://tomstudwell.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/dinettetable/thumbs/thumbs_img_3192.jpg]240Close up of the finished crotch.
[img src=https://tomstudwell.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/dinettetable/thumbs/thumbs_img_3190.jpg]240I was proud to put to put my name on this piece.
[img src=https://tomstudwell.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/dinettetable/thumbs/thumbs_img_3159.jpg]260Now to build the top.
[img src=https://tomstudwell.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/dinettetable/thumbs/thumbs_img_3161.jpg]220Each piece was aligned to fit within the circle.
[img src=https://tomstudwell.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/dinettetable/thumbs/thumbs_img_3167.jpg]250Fitting the base to the top.
[img src=https://tomstudwell.com/wordpress/wp-content/flagallery/dinettetable/thumbs/thumbs_img_3369.jpg]260Finished view.


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