FINALLY got around to updating my website!

For some reason, which totally escapes me (other than I’ve been pretty busy in the last two years…), I have failed to maintain ‘current’ events on this website.  Well, the last few days I have had some time (while waiting for finish to cure on a very important woodworking project) … Continue reading

Yet Another Method to make (almost) perfect Knife Hinge Mortises

I’m working on a Buffet/Sideboard cabinet for our kitchen at the House in the Woods and, because it has four side by side inset doors, have decided to use Knife Hinges to mount the doors.  Knife Hinges are very discreet, barely visible and allow the two center doors to be … Continue reading

How to remove a dent in a piece of wood.

While working on the Bathroom Vanity for the Little House in the Village (LHV), I managed to tighten a clamp just a little too much and put a nasty dent in the front leg.  Bummer! The “Good News Is”[1] that I learned how to take care of this kind of … Continue reading

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