Yard Art for the House In The Woods

I finally got around to using my CNC Plasma Cutter to make some art for our yard.  The first item is something I’ve wanted to do since realizing that this tool would be able to do this.  As some may recall, we created a stylized branch to decorate the panels … Continue reading

Update to Heating System at the Little House in the Village

I’ve updated the heating system at the Little House in the Village.  The previous setup cycled too quickly due to the high heat output from the boiler and the low heat consumption of our small house’s radiators.  The boiler needs the high heat output to be able to create hot … Continue reading

Workshop Disaster!

The Workshop wiring and plumbing is now complete, having installed all the interior and exterior lighting and installed the unnecessary ‘through the roof’ vent required by the Inspector… In theory[1] the GC has arranged for the Inspector to come on Tuesday to do the Final inspection.  He was also supposed … Continue reading

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