Workshop Miracles!

First Miracle: The Elves really did come and clean up the place so there is room to move around in the Workshop.  Thank you Elves…

Second Miracle: Despite all attempts by my Workshop GC to foil an inspection and approval of Electrical system[1], the Chatham County Inspector came today and ‘blessed’ the wiring so that the Power Meter can be installed AND the power turned on to ALL of the Workshop!  YAY!!!  A memorable quote from the Inspector, as he’s closely examining the inside of the Service Panel: “You could teach some of the other Electricians I have to work with how to wire a panel.”

Third Miracle: The heavy equipment was delivered by the movers today!!!  Double YAY!  Now I have a Workshop that LOOKS like a Workshop!  The Crane Hoist came in very handy in setting up the equipment.

Click to view larger image.

Half of the Workshop with Equipment

Click to view larger image.

Other half of the Workshop with Equipment

We also had the Movers move all my office boxes out of the house into the Workshop office…  This may take some time to straighten out…

Click to view larger image.

A room full of Boxes

Click to view larger image.

But I have a desk and, more importantly, a comfortable chair to fall asleep in...



[1] My GC didn’t purposefully thwart our efforts to get the Workshop inspected.  Let’s just say, through a series of surprises, we were forced to delay Inspection a number of times…

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