Grading Workshop Loading Dock Entrance

I’m back at The House in the Woods and, after the long drive from the Little House in the Village, I decided to take it easy yesterday and ordered about 5 1/2 tons of gravel to shore up the Workshop loading dock entrance.

As you can see in this photo, there was ‘significant ponding’ [1] in front of the Workshop after a heavy rain storm.

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The Workshop Loading Dock entrance after a heavy rain storm.

I’m hoping that this sloped build up will keep the bulk of the water running off to the side and down the hill, away from the Workshop.  I’m sure I’ll have to make adjustments, but I expect this will be a significant improvement over the previous ‘grade’.

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The Workshop Loading Dock Entrance after grading with about 2.5 yards of Crush and Run.

The Power Wagon came in very handy during this operation.  I still had to lift the material, but I didn’t have to carry it!

The gadget you see on the left is my Water Level.  A tool like this is very useful in determining the grade of ground (or even the slope of the floor at The Little House in the Village :-)

Now I can use the rest of the material to work on the driveway that is eroding due to the trench our GC didn’t quite fill after putting in the Workshop waste line…


[1]Significant Ponding” was a phrase we first encountered when a house inspector commented on a small puddle that appeared in our backyard after a very heavy rainstorm at a house we sold 6 years ago. The phrase was such a ‘significant’ overstatement (especially since ‘ponding’ isn’t even a word), that it seems to linger as a family catchphrase.


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