Sphere turning class

I attended a workshop, hosted by the Chapel Hill Woodturner’s Club, that showed how to turn a perfect sphere on a wood lathe. At first I was interested primarily to learn the mechanics of how that could be done, but, then, after learning how to do it and seeing the beautiful, perfect, results, I was hooked! I love turning Spheres!

Here are some of my samples:

Click on photo to enlarge.

A collection of Spheres I turned as a result of the Sphere turning class. Left to right, the first is Mahogany, then Cherry, then, in the back is Spalted Tamarind, and finally, in the foreground is a lamination made of Paduak, yellow Mora, with a green veneer separating the woods.

The Spalted Tamarind was a gift to my wife, and the Paduak, with its single band, was a gift for my granddaughter’s first birthday.

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