Totally new addition to workshop!!!

After years of hemming, hawing, lusting, and frustration, I finally bit the bullet and invested in some machinist’s tools.  I bought a mini Lathe and mini Milling machine from The Little Machine Shop with a full complement of accessories. I did add a Digital Readout (DRO) as this was a recommended add-on to get around the problem of backlash in the leadscrews.

It took some creative rearrangement of other items in the workshop, but, having had a few years in the shop, I was able to determine what’s needed all the time and what can be tucked away and pulled out only when needed.  Consequently, here is my new ‘corner machine shop’!

Click to view larger photo.

Complete machine shop in a corner.

I’ll now be able to work on metal!  Not just cutting on the plasma cutter or bandsaw, but actually milling, drilling, and turning accurately!

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