New Coffee Table for the House In The Woods

Around mid 2018 we decided that it was time to replace the inexpensive coffee table we bought in a rush when we moved to the House in the Woods in 2012.  Looking around, I found a nicely styled Hall table that we thought had the elements we were seeking in a coffee table.  I downloaded the plans and began adapting it for our needs.

The good/bad part of this style is that most of the woodwork is curved, with very few straight lines.  I concluded that, to keep the proper flow and sweeps AND still have all the interlocking joinery line up, the framework, at least, needed to be cut on a CNC Router.  Cool, I’ve got one of those :-)

To make a VERY LONG story shorter, I did some trial cuts of some of the longest parts in January of 2019.  From these experiments, I realized that the CNC router needed to be larger to reliably make the parts.  Consequently the project languished until I finally upgraded my CNC Router to a larger, more solid, one this year.  This spring I made the base, then made the top, and left the pieces to cure over the Summer while we were in Maine.  When we returned, and got some time, once Kate & Paul’s Wedding reception was completed, I did the final finishing, assembly, and installed it in our Living Room.  I’m quite pleased with the result:

Click to view larger photo.

Completed Coffee Table installed in Living Room.

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Coffee Table right view, ready in shop.

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Coffee Table, Left view, ready in shop.

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Coffee Table base, all assembled, ready for finishing.

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