CNC Router Update

I’ve been enjoying how well and solidly my new CNC Router is performing, but there was one deficiency that, with a new project coming up, I couldn’t live with.  The Z travel on the gantry was fairly decent, but I couldn’t use all of it because the whole top transport was lower to the bed than necessary.

Part of that is due to the waste board that I have installed on the bed.  That consumes about 19mm of height.  But even accounting for that, most of the Z travel capability is unusable because the Z Post hangs so low.

After exploring various options for getting more Z range, I decided that lifting the whole top transport assembly 50mm would give me a enough range without introducing much risk or losing a noticeable amount of rigidity.

So, using my NEW Mini Mill, I was able to fabricate the pieces to add a rigid lift.  Here’s the new look:

Click to view larger photo.

Whole Router transport lifted 50mm.

Click to view larger photo.

Lift Corner Block

Click to view larger photo.

Lifter Parts

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