Dust Collection, it’s a wonderful thing!

Now that I have power to the Workshop and am getting ready to do ‘real’ work, the obvious task is to take care of the dust and wood chips I hope to be making soon!

Using the Gantry Crane I was able to get the Dust Collection (DC) unit upright and ready to use.   But the plan calls for the unit to be modified so that the fine dust filter is opposite the intake (different than the setup I had in TX).   I used the Gantry Crane to separate the top section, rotate it 180 degrees, and install the filter on the opposite side.  Note how the Hydraulic Cart conveniently held the DC Filter in place while I attached it to the hanging brackets.  The Filter isn’t heavy, but it is awkward and, with the Hydraulic Cart, it was a snap to hold into position while I tightened the bolts.

Same goes for the ducting and, while the setup is ‘suboptimal’ (I’ll be installing the permanent ducting under the flooring), the Quick Connect ducting from Nordfab was extremely easy to setup a useful connection to my three main ‘debris’ makers (Thickness Planer, Jointer, and Table Saw) AND still provide a branch for the Floor Sweep.

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